Review Process

EPH Journal relies on the double blind peer review process to examine the quality and standard of its papers. Articles are forwarded to review using double blind peer review where author details are omitted from reviewers and reviewers details are omitted from authors. An article is assigned to at least 2-5 reviewers to ensure the best quality of the article.


The review process can take up to 2-4 weeks. Where each reviewers is given 2 week times to review the article, in any case if an review denies the review process then a new reviewer is immediately assigned to the respective article. As most of our articles are processed by individual volunteer reviewers from all over the world.


Final decision is provided by chief editor by reviewing all the comments received. And there are publication charges asked only after the acceptance of article.

Authors can view the review notes by logging in their profile or keep checking the inbox for latest updates. As our editor notifies the authors via email.