Singular and Simplicial Homology Groups


  • Hisham Ali Ahmed Ghanim
  • Mohammed Ali Bashir Hussein Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematical Science and Statistics, Al Neelain University, Khartoum, Sudan
  • Abdel Radi Abdel Rahman Abdel Gadir Abdel Rahman Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Education, Omdurman Islamic University, Omdurman, Sudan



Boundary operator, Simplicial complex, Singular homology


     This paper identified the homology groups  of -simplex, -dimensional simplicial complex and -complex. We show that a -simplex  is a point or a vertex, -simplex  is a line or an edge, a -simplex  is defined to be a triangle with its interior included and a -simplex  is a solid tetrahedron. It is easy to continue to any -simplex . The aims of this paper are to construct and defined Singular Homology Groups and Simplicial Homology Groups in terms of -dimensional simplicial complex  and a topological space . We followed the historical analysis mathematical method. We found that simplexes are building blocks of polyhedron, both approaches yield the same results, and the homology groups  are quotient groups of -cycle groups  and -boundary groups .


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Ghanim, H. A. A. ., Bashir Hussein, M. A. ., & Abdel Rahman, A. R. A. R. A. G. . . (2021). Singular and Simplicial Homology Groups. EPH - International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, 7(8), 01–10.