Aim and Scope

EPH Journal founded in 2014 and it is a rapidly growing academic publisher in the fields of Engineering Sciences like Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc. The main mission is to publish journals and thesis and devote to research and global dissemination of academic information.

The EPH Journals are increasingly important journals for the development of engineering science and technology. The primary audience of this publication comprises academics, graduate students, practitioners and all others interested in engineering science research. The journal welcomes and encourages articles from both practitioners and academics.

We publish papers on a variety of topics, contexts and research methods that examine the rapidly evolving relationship between accounting and information technology. We encourage a wide range of submissions, including, but not limited to:

  • Comparative Literature
  • Critical Theory
  • Cultural Studies
  • Discourse and Inter language Pragmatics
  • Discourse and Organization
  • English Literature
  • ELT and Related studies
  • ESL, ESP,EFL etc.,
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches in Literature
  • Interpreting Studies
  • Literary Studies
  • Literary Theory and Cultural Studies
  • Literature and Media
  • Literature in Translation
  • Translation in Literature
  • Translation Studies
  • Translation Studies
  • Translation and Globalization
  • World Literature
  • And other related themes