Evaluation of the resistance of sorghum varieties against Phoma sorghina in field conditions in Burkina Faso

Resistance of sorghum varieties againts Phoma sorghina


  • Schémaéza BONZI UNB
  • Rachelle MALGOUBRI
  • Noufou OUEDRAOGO
  • Irénée SOMDA




Key Word: Sorghum varieties, Phoma sorghina, sensitive, resistant, Burkina Faso.



Phoma sorghina, one of mold pathogen agents, is commonly and abundantly found on sorghum seed. In order to contribute to the improvement of grain quality, we undertook to evaluate the resistance of sorghum varieties in field. P. sorghina was assessed on vegetative organs and on the harvested grains using Blotter method according to ISTA 1999. The results revealed that P. sorghina is present at variable frequencies depending on the organ and the variety of sorghum tested. On harvested grains, low infection rates have been noted from protected panicles in comparison with unprotected ones with relatively high rates infection. With regards to P. sorghina infection, we have identified that Gnonfing is susceptible and in opposite Sariaso 08 is resistant to infection by P. sorghina. The results of this activity can be used by sorghum breeders in order to improve the resistance of the most commonly varieties of sorghum against P. sorghina.



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